Meet the Florida A Team


Mr. Blue

My soulmate, Blue came from Aussie Rescue. Since his arrival he has been my best bud, my constant companion. Blue lives to please me and will do anything just to be with me. He is the smartest dog I have ever known, and has the ultimate Aussie personality.

Below is a glimpse at our life together.

The Aussie Grin

The "Man" in his Aussie Rescue"Dog of the Year" pose, 2003

Showing his "stuff"

Blue has always wanted to learn. Below he shows just how serious he is about his undertakings.

A favorite pool toy

Hurricane Clean-up - - - - Dad's helper



Sydney is a rescue from the local humane society here in Florida. She is pure motion, she lives to chase a ball and swim in her pool. Our neighborhood is HER WORLD and anyone entering needs her permission. In spite of her intensity, she is the greatest lover I've ever known. She is in my lap everywhere I go and just needs to be loved.

El Cid (the Great One) is all about, speed, motion and intensity.



"What do you mean, "calm down?" I AM calm!!!!!

Still calm and collected!

What do you mean its OK? Food went down there---I'll get it!!

But Dad---I had to get my ball!!!!




Maggie is a rescue from a Georgia puppy mill. She was abandoned, starved and so scared of the world (even butterflies) when we got her. Now two years later she is coming into her own. Below is my Magster, my special little girl.

Mags has become a happy little girl who is enjoying life as a true Aussie. She is in her element when running through "her" yard.

Look, I can fly!


Pretty Girl !

Play Time!!!!

This is Maggie on the day we brought her home from the puppy mill. The tragic life she had lived for the first 9 months of her life can well be seen in this photo.